3 Tips to Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Home From Holiday Travels

Hotel bedroom and tips to avoid bed bugs during holiday travels

Winter is coming, friends. That's not always as ominous as it sounds, outside of Game of Thrones, unless we're talking about holiday travel and bed bugs. Whether you've packed your bags for holiday travels back home or for some vacation fun, the last thing you need is an unwanted stowaway like an itchy bed bug following you back. We're here to help prevent bringing bed bugs home while traveling this season.

Bed bugs are tiny and a huge nuisance for travelers. People pick them up along the way and unknowingly carry them to the next hotel or back home to spread more damage there.

Truth be told, bed bugs are a common problem, and not solely associated with seedy hotels or unkempt shacks in the middle of nowhere. Even the cleanest living spaces can harbor these pests. So while you don't need to turn into Matlock for every place you stay in, you can do a few key things while traveling to prevent bed bugs from bugging you at all. And prevention is way easier than treatment, so you'll want to take note.

Avoiding bed bugs during holiday travel

  1. Inspect the joint. When you arrive in your hotel room, take a minute to inspect the bed (mattress, box spring, headboard and the edges of the mattress) for evidence of bed bugs. You're looking for eggs (similar in size and color to a grain of rice), dark stains or the critters themselves (about the thickness of a quarter or apple seed). You might even want to bring a lint brush with you and use it on the bed to see if you pick up any pests. If you find them and/or wake up with strange bites on your skin, inform the hotel management right away.
  2. Wash 'em out. If you encountered bed bugs while away, stop before you bring your luggage and clothing back inside your apartment. First, unpack all your clothes outside and place them in a trash bag. Head to a public laundromat and wash and dry everything on the highest heat setting. Next, put some insect strips inside your suitcase and seal your entire suitcase in a garbage bag to let it fumigate for at least two weeks.
  3. Get help. If you think you have brought bed bugs home with you, don't go it alone. Once bedbugs have made your home their home, do-it-yourself bed bug remedies won't cut it – which is why you should call your leasing office immediately. We'll call in the professionals and make sure you're taken care of.

Hopefully the only things you'll be bringing home from your winter vacation are great memories, but it's best to be prepared.

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