5 Tips for Staying Warm

On February 2, 2015, Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  With lower than average temperatures and late season snow plaguing the east coast; I gotta say that I am most impressed with the prognostications of that Groundhog.


While the weather outside is frightful, and, according to the little rodent, we have 6 more weeks of it, here’s a list of tips to keep warm without turning your heat up.

1) Open /curtains blinds during the day and close them at night.  That sunshine is radiant heat, and will warm your rooms.  If you close your curtains/blinds once the sun is down you can store some of that heat you have collected.

2) You can pop in an Indow window, which will take your single pane windows to a double pane thickness as a fraction of the price.  This will make your home warmer in the winter.


3) If you are sitting on your sofa, snuggle under a blanket.  You will be more tolerant of the room temperature if your body has more insulation.

4) Tight is right!  The best way to keep warm is to keep your own body heat in.  Wearing thermal layers tight to your skin helps keep your body warmer than loose, baggy sweatshirts. 

5) Put a cat in your lap.  Cats have a regular body temperature of 100-102 degrees.  That’s like putting a soft fluffy fever in your lap.  That extra heat will radiate through your body and help keep you warmer (and be super cute, too.)

Hopefully these five tips will help you stay warm until our spring has sprung.

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