5 Tips to Make Holiday Packing Effortless


We hope your holidays mean time with family and friends, toasting champagne and enjoying annual traditions. But unfortunately nobody has figured out how to teleport to those you love, so the holidays can also mean traveling to other climates and spending quite a bit of time living out of a suit case.

Because the holidays can be too hectic to pack well, we’re here to send those packing woes…packing. The ultimate tips for pain-free holiday packing:

1. Pack for where you’re headed. If you live in San Francisco and are bound for Boston, for example, make sure you keep climate in the forefront of your mind. This might sound obvious, but if you’ve lived in a mild climate for a long period of time, it’s easy to forget about harsh cold winters (as much as we’d sometimes like to!). And for those who want everything (We do! We do!), pack layers so you stay warm outside and can shed layers inside to stay comfortable by the fire.
2. Save space however you can. Roll, roll, roll. And we’re not talking about sushi. Rolling garments instead of folding will maximize your space. And in addition to layers, bring clothing items that can serve multiple purposes. For the ladies out there, casual blouses can become formal with a cardigan. For men, a dark pair of jeans can look dressy with the right button-down or sweater.
3. Give some thought to appliances, accessories and other items. If you need a hair straightener or curling iron, do you have to pack yours, or is there an option to use your sister’s once you reach your parents’ house? Try to coordinate things like this with other family members when you can. On the other hand, some things are necessities, so be sure to remember any medications or special foods you require for dietary needs.
4. Don’t forget the gifts! If your family does a gift exchange, you definitely don’t want to show up empty handed. If you’ve got the option, packing your presents in a separate piece of luggage is an excellent plan. This way you don’t risk anyone seeing your gifts when you open your suitcase, and you also have plenty of space to store the items you receive for the trip home. Alternatively, gift cards never go out of style and take up teeny tiny amounts of space.
5. It’s okay if you forget something. It might seem like forgetting a specific item will ruin your whole trip, but don’t let it. Nearly everything can be replaced or done without for a few days, so make a detailed list, stick to it, and don’t panic if something does get left behind.

With these holiday travel tips in mind, you should be all set to have everything you need with you. All aboard for a relaxing and easy season of travel.

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