Apps to Download For a New Year & New You

It’s that time of year again, when we vow to improve ourselves with a list of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions to help us live a better, wealthier, healthier, and happier life. Each year, more than 40% of Americans vow to uphold these resolutions. But, sadly, only 8% of us actually achieve those goals. This year, we know you’ll succeed. Armed with your trusty smartphone, here are a couple apps that may finally help you stick to your guns.

Clever in concept, this app knows what motivates you: money. StickK lets you to set a goal, notify a support group of your intentions, and even provides a “referee” to weigh in on your progress. And all the while, there’s money on the line. Yes, the beauty of the app is, you’ll be asked to commit a sum of money to your goal, and if you achieve it, you’ll get the money back. But it you fail, it will go to a third party of your choice—i.e.: charities you like to support—or better yet—people or causes you dislike. Ouch!

If you resolved to be productive, then this app might be for you. Evernote is a one-stop app that lets you write notes to yourself, make to-do lists, collect and gather information and images that matter to you, and call up any of this information across platforms with a simple search function. It helps you to remember everything. You can also keep on top of your resolutions by setting email reminders, saving web clips that are motivational, and sharing your tips and notes. 

If your brain is feeling crispy after all the holiday parties, you might want to try the brain strengthening app Lumosity. The app provides a roster of challenging games designed by neuroscientists to improve key areas of brain function, like memory and attention. You can even see how you’re brain improves over time with their comprehensive personalized reports.

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