Budget-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

Updating your apartment décor with the latest style doesn’t have to consume your wallet. Here are a few apartment decorating tips that can help you make your home look like the magazine pages without breaking the bank.

Add a pop of color:
For an overall quick and inexpensive fix, select a few key pieces — ie: throw pillows, vases, area rug, and lamps - in one or two accent colors to add a fresh and current designer look to your tired apartment. Be sure to use the color sparingly, in places where it will get the most mileage. If you’re unsure, here’s a helpful article to help you hone your own accent color palette.

Add texture:
A flokati rug, a cable knit throw, or a sumptuous leather pouf is an easy way to make your space look rich and luxurious without costing a fortune. If your blankets are particularly festive, you might even try a blanket ladder, so you can display your throws vertically and store them at the same time.

Make a statement:
Sometimes all it takes is a special (and affordable) statement chair like this or this to give your space some personality. Find a style— either vintage or new—that speaks to you and place it in a prominent hang out spot.

Double down:
Save space and money by collecting pieces that can work double time, like a bookshelf that can also be a desk, or a storage ottoman that can provide extra seating.

Reclaim it:
Search craigslist, thrift stores, and yard sales for inexpensive pieces that can be repurposed, then give them new life with a creative touch of paint and some new hardware, like Howdy Honey did with this rustic dresser.

Make a gallery wall:
Frames can be an inexpensive way to add dimension to any room. Try placing larger frames amongst clusters of smaller frames and build up to give vertical intrigue. Or, follow this helpful tutorial to get the look.

Make it personal:
Revisit items that you have sitting around your house and place new focus on the gems. That vintage ceramic pig you scored on your honeymoon could become a fantastic design detail. Put it somewhere visible and celebrate it.

Do you have tried-and-true apartment decorating tips you use again and again? Share them below!

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