Cheers To Celebrating 50 Years

Throughout 2015 we're going to be celebrating a very big milestone: Prometheus' 50th Anniversary. We're excited to be marking this momentous occasion, with deep appreciation for our work together. We have a lot of great things planned for our 50th; we'll be sharing our history, some great stories and, most importantly, what it means to be a Promethean.  Every month we will share a new perspective on what we have created together as defined by our founder Sanford Diller, which we are referring to as “Sanford’s Rules.”

Sanford’s Rules
At Prometheus we are lucky enough to be privately held and fiercely entrepreneurial. With that, we have always had the freedom to run by our own rules. We have no shareholders demanding short term strategies to meet quarterly earnings.   Our founder is a man that believes that small, simple, and consistent actions lead to long term success. Sanford to this day pays attention to the details. He does that because he sees the big picture So now, as over the last 50 years, we get to choose our path. We have the freedom to innovate.  And the responsibility to innovate. The freedom to surprise and delight. And the imperative to do the same.

Sanford still reminds us that none of this is easy. And fortunately, he set our compass true with ten principles. All of them are just natural guideposts, with deep roots in our values that lead to where we are in the past 50 years and we will continue to follow in the next 50.  I’d like to share them with you, once each month – starting with Rule #1 which follows.


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