Declutter Your Apartment: Organizing Your Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And no matter how many Picasso’s you may have in the living room, the kitchen is always the place everyone congregates during a party. So, it makes sense that we begin our apartment organization.series with this important room. Of course, when it comes to organization, you’ll want to decide which rules work best for your apartment and psyche. But, as you endeavor to streamline your kitchen, here are a few helpful tips for organizing your kitchen that can inspire a more enjoyable cooking and entertaining environment.

1. Get minimal
Be honest. Go through each kitchen cabinet  and identify rarely used items, duplicate items, or broken items and separate these into groups. Discard the unusable things – including containers with missing lids, donate items you don’t need to charity (or recycle on Yerdle), and relocate the rarely-if-ever used items (like that sandwich snacker or ice cream maker) to a special location in deeper kitchen cabinet storage. 

2. Create Categories
Making items easy to find will only make cooking more fun. You may already be corralling your plastic bags, foil, and wrap together in one drawer, or putting the pots and pans in a cabinet by the stove, etc… But, you might also consider creating a special spice drawer for all those wayward jars. Or perhaps, even a “tea” drawer for all the fancy varieties you collect – particularly useful and impressive when company calls.

3. Clear Countertops
Unsightly papers, keys, and phones can pile up quickly in the kitchen  and can make it hard to maintain apartment organization.  Keep counter surfaces clear of clutter by investing in a simple command base to hang on your wall or refrigerator to house calendars, phones, and to-do lists.

4. Contain the snacks
You’ve seen them — those food containers in the catalogs that make cabinets look so tidy. Whether they’re plastic, glass, wicker, or mesh wire — now is the time to measure your shelves and buy a few for your space. Not only can they store like-minded products together for easy access, they look nice, too. You can also place chalkboard stickers on the containers to keep track of your rotating inventory.

5. Divide and Conquer
To maximize your cupboard’s space, try using a small serving tray, or wire rack as a shelf divider between layers of cups.

6. Rotate it
A multi-tiered lazy susan is another simple way to free up countertops or shelf space in the pantry and refrigerator—perfect for oils, vinegars, sticky jars, vitamins, or ingredients that traditionally disappear in the back of your fridge.

7. Add a hook
Make use of vertical space by adding adhesive hooks to the inside of a kitchen cabinet or pantry door to hold dishtowels, aprons, measuring cups, bags, or just about anything that can hang.

8. Keep a junk drawer
It may seem counterproductive to your apartment organization techniques, but the reality is that no one is perfect, and everyone needs one in a pinch. So, rather than fight it, keep one and organize it with drawer dividers to house pens, rubber bands, and miscellaneous tools.

9. Keep a List
As you go along, make a list of supplies  you are low on, or projects that need your attention (like that broken coffee grinder) so you can remember to do it later and keep up with organizing your kitchen  .

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