DIY Touches For Your Thanksgiving Table

Looking to add a personal touch to your Thanksgiving decor but your craft skills haven’t progressed much beyond the hand-turkey drawings you made in grade school? Here are a couple simple DIY ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help make your holiday a warm and memorable experience.

Twig Candle Votives:
As seen at two shades of pink.
Armed with a few simple glass votives, hot glue, twine, a collection of twigs, and colorful fall leaves, you can quickly create these beautiful candle displays and add a lovely rustic-elegance to your Thanksgiving table. Pop in a tea light and they’ll instantly give off a warm and festive atmosphere. And, best of all, with a simple substitution of evergreen sprigs in place of leaves, they can easily carry you over to the wintery holidays.

Thanksgiving Place Cards:
As seen at 
While you’re out gathering fall foliage for your votives, you might as well grab a leaf for each guest. Simply write the guest’s name on the leaf and you have a clever and simple place card!

Holiday Leftover Station:
As seen on The Elli Blog
Who doesn’t love leftovers? Especially when it’s your cooking… This year, stock up on eco-friendly takeout containers  in anticipation of the bounty of leftover food that inevitably comes with hosting a Thanksgiving feast. Custom labels and twine add the personal touch. Or, try these downloadable sticker designs.


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