Easy Ways to Beat the Heat

This summer, I spent a few days in Vegas, where the temperature during the day was a scorching 113 degrees. The evenings weren't any better with a low of 90 degrees. My suffering is what inspired me to share with you some great ways to keep cool this summer without giving your entire paycheck to the electric company.

Science Has the Answers

The second law of thermodynamics teaches us that energy (in this case, heat) flows naturally from areas of high concentration to low concentration. This basically means that heat moves from hot areas to cold areas. It is also important to note that heat follows the path of least resistance. Another way to think of this is that it is much faster and easier to move through an open door than a wall.

Cooling Your Home

If the temperature of your house is cooler than the temperature outside, the goal is to make it difficult for that heat to enter your home. Keep your windows shut and your blinds closed. Curtains are great too. 

If the temperature of your house is hotter than the temperature outside, the goal is to move that heat out as fast as possible. Open your windows and even your doors if you want to. Use a combination of fans. Blow hot air out of your home through a window and use an oscillating fan near the other windows to pull in cooler air. 

Cooling Yourself

Our bodies are magnificent. They have their own heating and cooling systems.  We just have to work with what nature has given us to help maintain our own comfort levels.

For those of you who always have the first instinct to shed layers of clothing to cool off, you have the right idea. Think of clothes as insulation and your body as a 98 degree heater. The more you wear, the more heat you trap on your skin so the hotter you become. Please don’t go full commando down to the grocery store and think they are going to let you in; rather break out your shorts, flip flips and short sleeve shirts. Additionally, loose clothing is important. Those skinny jeans are going to work like long underwear and ensure that the heat you make stays trapped on your skin. Fabric also matters—-you want to stay cool, wear loosely woven fabrics like cotton and linen.

Your perspiration is also super helpful in the battle to stay cool. If you stand in front of a fan to blow perspiration off your skin, you will feel much cooler. Additionally you can “fake” sweat by using a mist bottle to cool your skin. The cooler your skin, the cooler that you will feel.

Your diet also plays a part in how you feel on the outside. By drinking cold liquids and eating refreshing foods, you can cool down your interior. This will make you feel cooler as your body heat will move to your tummy to try to stabilize your temperature, so your extremities will be cooler

Do you have any great tips on how to stay cool this summer? Let us know in the comments below.  

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