Eclectic Apartment Décor Pieces

Browsing for intriguing eclectic apartment décor while sipping your morning coffee can be an exciting and inspiring journey. In fact, it can feel a lot like taking a fantastic leap down a rabbit hole, especially with so many helpful Pinterest boards to explore to help you hone in on objects you didn’t even know you needed that are worthy of your affection.

Not sure what eclectic apartment décor or style is? It’s a thing, we promise. The best definition we have found for eclectic style is “a careful gathering of interesting elements that work together.” You could have eclectic apartment décor and not even know it!

Typical characteristics of an eclectic style space include:
• A variety of décor items from different periods and styles
• Neutral colors in the background (for the walls, some furniture, etc.)
• Use of materials and/or items that might be unexpected
• Uniqueness items
• A “pulled together,” cohesive look through materials like pattern, shape, texture, finish or color
• No clutter – everything is easily stored in its own place
• Modern, new items mixed in with the vintage, old
• Items with sentimental value
• Contrasts (a bright couch set against neutral walls, neutral pillows on a colored couch, etc.)

While we don’t yet have a Pinterest board to showcase our favorite eclectic interior design pieces with you, we thought we’d take a moment here to share a few of the Pinterest-worthy eclectic decorating ideas and pieces we think would be fabulous in any Prometheus apartment. 

The Podpad:  
Designed in Portland, this decidedly stylish and low-profile walnut cabinet floats effortlessly on your wall, opening up to reveal a clever desk surface, laptop storage, and multiple slots to stash mail, files, keys, and small office supplies. It’s also a handy charging station for all your electronic gear.

Indoor Stoop
This is an attractive, space-saving design piece that doubles as seating as well as a place to store the things you want to conceal in its three drawers — ideal for underutilized living room corners, or in the bedroom.

This far-out Kickstarter endeavor combines the strength and design of advanced honeycomb paper structure with the traditional craft of book-binding to create incredibly portable, lightweight, durable seating and side tables that can fold down to the size of a book to be stored on your bookshelves when you don’t need them. Make a pledge today and your Bookniture piece will be available in May, 2015.

Logan Sofa
An exceptional price for a glamorous, vintage look, the Logan sofa comes in over 30 different colors and is sized just right for apartments. Its sleek wooden legs (ideal for providing the illusion of space) and suave button-tufted back cushions make this an excellent option to amp up the style quotient in your apartment.

SAIC cache storage cabinet
This high-concept cabinet is only 10 inches wide, but it has a secret side panel that pulls out to reveal three storage drawers hidden inside. The slim piece can tuck neatly into tiny, unused spaces and has rolling castors for easy portability. A versatile, space-saver for any room in your apartment that can house anything from books to bourbon.


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