Employees That Rule: Marissa Ticas

A “thank you” goes a long way, so at Prometheus we have an employee program called TORCH. Through TORCH, a Promethean (employee) can recognize another Promethean for making a difference. Not only does this rockstar employee get a surprise certificate outlining how they’ve made a difference, they win a gift card. We call that a great “thank you”!

We receive so many TORCH nominations that once a quarter, we tally up which Prometheans have been awarded the most for a quarterly prize. The recognition in Q3 of last year goes to Marissa Ticas, one of our Administrative Assistants!

Marissa is often described as a Promethean who demonstrates all of our cultural traits. She’s a great communicator, team-oriented, entrepreneurial and a true brand ambassador. Not to mention she’s a passionate self-starter, very creative and principled. Now how does she pack all of these creative traits into the way she approaches work every day?

Marissa does all of the background work for our Quest program (for managers in training). From developing high quality Power Point presentations and participant workbooks to booking travel, scheduling lunches and treats, sending humorous invites, Marissa is a master. She takes on the responsibility of ensuring the program is well-coordinated and streamlined for future classes.

In general, Marissa is described as “the magic behind Quest.” And she manages Quest in addition to her day job of supporting several Prometheus operations leaders!  Thanks for all of the little and big things you do, Marissa. You know how to make each detail count.


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