Energy Savings: Game Your Video Game Consoles

Prometheus’ Director of Ancillary Services and resident green expert Mary Nitschke likes to help our Neighbors save energy (and money!). Today, she thinks it’s high time we take energy conservation beyond heating and lighting – and focus on video gaming systems. Yep, that’s right: today’s gaming systems can use as much energy as a full-sized refrigerator

Thanks to Mary and the Natural Resources Defense Council, here’s how to save the biggest amount of energy from your smallest gadgets:

• Purchasing new systems: If you’re in the market, make sure to research the energy saving features that come with it, how much power it uses and think about how you’re going to use the system the majority of the time.
• Power down: If enabled, the “power down” option automatically puts your systems to sleep where they’ll draw just a fraction of the power. On some systems, you’ll want to look for the “instant on” option and switch to the “energy saving” option.
• Streaming movies: A game console consumes about 10 to 20 times more energy for movie streaming than an Internet-ready TV, Roku or Apple TV. Thinking about what you’ll use your console for the most will help determine the gadgets you need the most.
• Use a power strip: Using a powerstrip can decrease “phantom load” or standby energy loss.
• Go the extra mile: Some unplug their systems entirely when they’re not in use.  This will, of course, save the most energy.

We wish you happy energy savings!

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