Fall Farmers Market Finds

In the Fall, we can (sort of) objectively say the West Coast is the best coast – farmer’s markets don’t end with the last sunset of Summer.  Recently we discovered just how many farmer’s markets don’t end when summer is over – which is great news to us.

Benefits of purchasing fruits and vegetables in season: they usually taste better, are more abundant and can be less expensive. And by purchasing from a farmer’s market, you’re supporting a local business. The list goes on! But what produce do you buy in the Fall, and where do you buy it? We did some research and thought we’d share it right here.

Fall Produce
Depending on the region you live in and the climate, the harvest dates and specific crops may vary, but some of the farmer’s market produce selection includes:

• Apples
• Brussel Sprouts
• Celery
• Chiles
• Cranberries
• Figs (a short second season)
• Garlic
• Green beans
• Kale
• Lettuce
• Potatoes
• Pumpkin
• Sweet potatoes
• Spinach
• Winter squash

Looking for a more comprehensive list to keep handy year-round? California, here you go. Oregon, we’ve got you. Washington, check it out! For good measure, we loved this San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market vegetable seasonality chart.

Where To Buy Fall Fruits and Veggies
When it comes to finding a farmer’s market near any one of our Neighborhoods, we stopped at 15+ search results. The good news is, they’re out there. Here are a few we’ve found that go through the Fall. In Mountain View, look forward to 80 market stands.  In Washington, this list pretty much sums it up for us. Oregon, we adore your farmer’s market schedule.

That’s all we have for today. Now go on, and be fresh!


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