Feng Shui Your Way to a Happier Life

Does your bedroom have good energy? Do you feel refreshed when you wake up? Is there passion between you and your significant other? You’ve probably heard of feng shui before, but quickly dismissed the idea as a fleeting fancy of the new-age set. But, maybe not so fast… While you’re busy organizing your apartment this summer (spring cleaning is never enough!), it certainly can’t hurt to consider all the different ways your bedroom could be affecting your mojo and sense of well-being. After all, you spend nearly half your life in this room! So, if you’ve never tried decorating by the rules of feng shui, you just might be surprised how a few minor adjustments to your bedroom’s decor and layout can get things rolling in a positive direction.

Feng Shui 101

Put Your Bed in the Command Position
Like Captain Kirk, you should be able to survey everything in the room from your bed. The door should be in clear view, but your feet should not point directly at it. Make sure you can enter your bed from both sides, with a side table placed on each side to bring harmony and balance to the bedroom. But, beware of placing the bed directly under the windows. You don't want all of your energy to escape, do you?

Clear the Clutter and the Electronics
Keep the junk out from under your bed and closet—it only breeds chaos and stagnation. A clean and streamlined bedroom, without TVs and laptops, is harmonious and attracts positive energy—a good thing for you and your mate.

Get the Art Right
When it comes to bedroom decor, feng shui favors soothing and sensual colors that are calming (e.g. neutral, earthy shades, and sexy skin colors). Steer clear of blues and cool tones, which are more jarring.  Artwork should be serene and happy, often showing nature and joyful objects in pairs to inspire harmony and romance. But, take care to avoid water images on the walls and large mirrors across from the bed, as these objects are associated with restless sleep. 

Light It Up
Good lighting is another positive energy booster. Natural light, like candles, is the preferred method for illuminating the boudoir, and they provide a sensual and soothing atmosphere to enhance the space.

Make It Happen
Like a genie, feng shui also promotes playful symbolism to help you activate different areas of your life. Looking to attract wealth? Try placing thee coins tied together in the southeast corner of your bedroom. Or, improve your relationship with a pair of rose quartz ducks resting on your nightstand.

Most importantly, feng shui is not an absolute practice. The idea is to do the best you can with its guiding principles, and stay mindful of your goal to attain a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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