fitmob Mobile Fitness App – New Reality of Fitness

Many of us resolved to get in better shape this year, but we don’t always follow through… Sometimes it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. And in other cases, we might just be bored with our existing workout plan and looking for unique, fun workout classes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sample classes from different fitness studios, and even different gyms, without having to juggle different membership fees? Luckily, with fitmob mobile fitness app, our Prometheus neighbors in the Peninsula, Seattle, and Portland can!

Fitmob is an ingenious app geared toward fitness enthusiasts who want to incorporate different, fun workout kinds of classes into their workoutgym routine. But, this has always been a hassle for users, as they try to navigate the different class schedules and membership fees… But, for only $99 per month, fitmob Passport owners gain unlimited access to various studios, trainers and boutique gyms in the Bay Area—including classes in the Peninsula—at top studios like Dethrone Basecamp, Core Studio, and Pure Barre. In early 2015, Passport members will also be able to work out at local gyms like Overtime Fitness, including all amenities without needing a membership. Simply download the fitmob app, or go to to instantly sign up for any of the weekly workouts in Mountain View, Redwood City, and Burlingame. Plus, because fitmob is available in several cities (Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Dallas, Philly) members have access to any of the fitness facilities in their network – a great perk for anyone who travels to these areas for work and pleasure. So, no more excuses! Sign up and shake up your workout with some new, fun workout classes!

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