Good For What Ails You… Hangover Remedies To Nurse Your Holiday Spirit

Herbal RemediesWe’re not doctors, but we play one online…Just kidding. But, really, whether you’ve caught the latest bug going around, or you’ve grown tired of the hangovers achieved from a string of holiday parties, here are a couple all-natural (and seemingly effective) concoctions that can help prevent malaise, and get you on the road to recovery faster than ever. 





Fire CiderFire Cider

New Englanders in the know have been ingesting a daily spoonful of apple cider vinegar for generations to support immune functions, but this magical tonic builds upon that sage advice and turns up the heat several notches. As the name implies, Fire Cider is packed with a fiery blast of organic nutrients and apple cider vinegar that’s strong enough to cut through the worst congestion and sore throat this cold season can dish out. Take a spoonful on its own for dramatic effect, or add it to your tea, juice, and even salad dressing. Look for Fire Cider at many organic grocery stores. Or, perhaps you’d like to make your own Fire Cider (takes 3- 4 weeks, so get started now!) with this handy recipe.



Ficks Cocktail Fortifier:
Here’s another all-natural remedy that feels like it’s straight out of Hogwarts, only this one is infused with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants to minimize various negative effects of alcohol consumption. Simply add a dash of this fortifier to your cocktail and you’ll likely be hangover free in the morning! Crafted in California and bottled in the Napa Valley, Ficks is a product of homegrown Silicon Valley thinking that’s revolutionizing the cocktail industry. Plus, it comes in three popular flavors—Lemon, Lime, and Ginger— so it blends flawlessly with any cocktail you’re mixing. As the first and only such fortifier on the market, Ficks sells out quickly, but if you’re lucky you can get your hands on some at Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Or, as an alternative option to achieve a hangover-free morning, you might try the Bytox Hangover Patches


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