Got Milk Frother?

As the winter temperatures drop, it’s good to surround yourself with lots of warm creature comforts. And nothing is more comforting and belly warming than a frothy latte or a mug of hot chocolate hand-crafted at home with your new electric milk frother.  Yes, some of you may already have a fancy espresso machine with a foaming milk attachment… If so, this isn’t for you. BUT, for those of us with a stovetop espresso maker, or a Nespresso maker, or any typical coffee maker – now is the time to step it up and start getting professional café-quality beverages at home. Plus, most owners of electric milk frothers tend to use them up to several times a day, which is a huge savings when you add up all those trips to the local coffeehouses! Here are some retail suggestions:

The Breville Milk Cafe electric frother is at the top of the chain. With its classic design and powerhouse milk frothing abilities, this winner creates beautifully foamy milk with induction heat, and even has a control dial to let you customize your milk settings. Best of all, the Breville electric frother is on sale right now at Williams-Sonoma for $129 (usually $200).

Or, if you’d prefer a less expensive option with a lesser-known brand name that also gives exceptional results, you might want to look at the acclaimed and hot-selling Epica Electric Milk Frother, available for $44 on Amazon.  This machine can heat and foam milk so efficiently and quietly, you’ll wonder if the machine is even turned on! Plus, it has a wonderful retro coffeepot design that looks great on any countertop. Sure to warm you up on any chilly day.

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