Guest Room Touches

Hosting overnight guests in your apartment should be more than simply offering a place to crash - it’s an opportunity to roll out the red carpet with a few thoughtful touches to make their stay a memorable experience. This season, go beyond the obvious guest room necessities (alarm clock, fresh flowers, extra blankets and pillows, clean towels…) and give your guests the royal treatment by stocking their room with these easy and affordable guest room ideas.

1. Write wi-fi and technical instructions on a framed chalkboard or dry erase board and leave a few extra markers, chalk, and free space on the board to invite guests to doodle or treat the board as a guest book. 

2. Create a welcome basket packed with local flavor, including chocolates (think Dandelion / TCHO / Ghirardelli), snacks, fruit, bottled water, books / magazines, as well as some local and unexpected guide books, like Seeing Through the Fog, or Infinite City.

3. More baskets like this, this, and this are great options to display other guest niceties -  including rolled up towels, extra blankets, or slippers and robes for guests.

4. Provide a tray, or counter surface, for local coffee, teas, instant cocoa, and hot cider mix, complete with a hot water boiler and a low-tech French press), enabling guests to make fresh coffee and tea with loose leaves.

Or, perhaps you’re partial to the single-cup Keurig mini machine.

5.Towels are an obvious necessity, but if you aren’t already placing them in a basket, or tying a classic ribbon around a stack of them, you might want to make it fun and memorable by creating unusual animal shapes with these easy towel folding techniques

6. Place specialty and loose toiletry samples in a glass apothecary jar and place them in your bathroom for guests to use.

7. Be sure the room has ample closet space for them to hang clothing, and consider providing a simple luggage rack to place their belongings.

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