How to Decorate a Small Apartment and Make a Big Impression

Sure, you may live in a small space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live large and in style! Here are a few of our favorite small apartment decorating tips that can help even tiny living spaces feel more spacious.

1. Break up the space
Try using a few key area rugs in one room to visually define the living zones of your space. Or, place a bookshelf or cabinet perpendicularly from the wall to create intimate areas in your open plan—perfect for a corner dining nook, or a reading chair.

2. Get transparent
Transparent peekaboo furniture pieces, like this table or chair, are particularly hip and chic right now, and they take up very little visual space in your apartment.

3. Work with it
If you need a workstation that doesn’t take up a lot of your existing wall space, consider building a low-profile desk surface into your shelving system, as they did in this affordable midcentury-style tutorial.

4. Maximize your storage potential by adding shelving to the oft-overlooked corners of your rooms, as with this minimalistic ZigZag wall shelf. Simple and chic, the sleek and clean lines of this shelf make it a great fit against any background or décor and a unique use of space for decorating small apartments.

5. Save space and money by doubling down on furniture that serves multiple functions, like this tufted storage ottoman, or this Nailhead Trim Daybed sofa. Part sofa, part sleeper this small-scaled and sophisticated piece is ideal for daily lounging in your living room, as well as overnight guests.

6. Camouflage your pieces
Large shelving units and furniture in white can appear less heavy, or nearly disappear, when up against a white wall. You can also give inexpensive bookshelves a built-in look by adding crown molding to the top edges of the piece that extends to the ceiling – providing a custom-made appearance that’s also less obtrusive. Or, why not consider hiding your wall-mounted TV behind an artistic painting or tapestry.

7. Raise the ceiling
Make a low-ceiling room feel taller by placing your curtain rods an inch below the ceiling height, and then set the curtains near the outer edge of the window’s frame to make a grand statement that allows in plenty of natural light to fill your room.

8. The magic of mirrors
This may be obvious, but don’t underestimate the reflective nature of mirrors. Whether they’re huge, small, or grouped in clusters, a mirror can bounce light around your space and even make a small room look twice as big. 

9. Don’t be afraid to go bold 
While it’s wise to collect several pieces of small-scale furniture to decorate your small space, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream big. If size matters to you, sometimes placing one large couch or one very grand piece of artwork in a room can actually decrease the look of clutter and make the room feel more expansive.

10. Have a dining room table
As today’s designers get more innovative, even the tiniest space can be home to a sophisticated dining table, like the mind-boggling Goliath table, or the gorgeous and affordable Origami Dropleaf Dining Table, which is only only 15” deep when folded as a console.

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