How to keep your apartment safe when traveling

You’re going on vacation - and you deserve it! Just don’t forget to do a safety check before you head out. Here are a few easy apartment security tips to protect your pad while you’re on the road.

Be Smart!
You may be excited to boast about the daiquiri you had on the beach – but resist the urge to post photos and information about your vacation plans on Facebook and Twitter - it only announces to a crowd that you’re out of town for two weeks.

Find a Snoop:
- For peace of mind while traveling, ask a good friend or neighbor to pick up your mail, water plants, and keep a general eye on things while you’re away – and then thank them with a killer souvenir or home-cooked meal. (You can also stop your mail and newspaper service temporarily so it doesn’t pile up and draw attention.)

- If you do have a pet, consider asking a pet-sitter (or neighbor) to check in on them at home – rather than boarding them.

- Get Dropcam!  

Fake it:
- Even if you don’t have an alarm system or a pet, you can always place an alarm company sticker, or a simple “beware of dogs” sign on the windows/door of your apartment to scare off robbers.

- Put your lights on an automatic timer to make it look like you’re home at night.

Think Ahead: 
- Even if you aren’t going out of town, don’t leave the empty boxes of big, expensive items visibly on your curb for trash collection – it only shows everyone that you got a fancy new flatscreen TV.

- Always conceal your valuables in a safe or hidden area, so they’re not visible from a window.

- Unplug electric devices from the wall when you’re away for long periods of time.

- Of course, lock up when you head out, and remove your spare key from the obvious places.

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