Move Over Siri, the Fetch App Is In Town

The holiday crunch is over and the warpspeed you were operating in to complete projects by end of year has slowed. While you are no longer searching for the perfect holiday gifts, the refreshed you might want to get a jump on those new and inspiring projects you’ve been dreaming up.  How are you going to maintain the calm, cool, and collected 2015 version of you? Easy! Download Fetch -- the personal buying assistant app that might save your skin in the New Year.

No, this isn’t Fetch, the FTP application. This is Fetch one of the “Best New Apps” that will turn your phone into a powerful buying machine, so you can tackle all those items and errands that need to be purchased, even when you don’t have the bandwidth to search online or venture to a store. With Fetch, simply describe what you need with a photo or text and an actual live personal assistant will search the universe for the best price, including coupon codes, and provide options to buy right away. They can even purchase and ship the items for you with your blessing. (Yes! This includes the assortment of closet organizers you need for your organized apartment den.) But Fetch isn’t limited to retail products alone—your personal assistant can also search for flights, hotels, and car rentals. So, no more excuses. Download Fetch now and let your new personal assistant tackle the rest.


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