Organizing your bedroom

Many of us spend up to 8 hours a day in our bedroom—sleeping, relaxing and, if we’re lucky, making romance. But, with our busy lives, this space can quickly become chaotic and cluttered, detracting from the Zen-like oasis it should be. Here, we provide some helpful tips and tricks to clear out the clutter from your boudoir to make room for the good stuff.

The big purge:
Be ruthless and downsize your belongings to the essentials. As a rule, if it’s in your closet and you haven't worn it in over a year, chances are you should donate it. The same goes for old bedding you won’t use, and excessive paperback books you’ll never read again. You’ll also want to recycle those old papers and magazines that are cluttering your bedside table.

Bedside manners:
Instead of hoarding piles, designate a shelf or basket for bedside papers and books you want to keep handy, and leave your table surface clear. If you’re a bookworm, choose a bedside table with ample shelving. You can even turn a small drawer on its end and stack books inside.

Closet 101:
After purging, keep clothes that you wear often in reach, and store seasonal garments elsewhere —under the bed, or even in space bags. Be kind to your garments: get no-slip hangers, or, at the very least, hangers that match.

Get vertical:
If you don't have a big closet, try going up. Shelves are easy to add and work great for clothes, purses, and shoes. You might also add a second hanging rod to your existing rod– for storing 2 rows of shorter pieces right next to your long-hanging garments. Use shelf dividers to keep your clothes in neat stacks, and get shelf bins in colorful fabrics or wicker to add a touch of style.

Shoes and more shoes:
Try using expandable shoe racks and handy boot hangers, rather than putting shoes in those over-the-door pockets. A shoe rack can actually take up less space in a small closet.

What’s a chifforobe?
If you find you still need extra space to store clothes, consider a small armoire or a classic chifforobe for additional vertical storage.

No space for a walk-in closet? Why not try an open “walk-by” closet using this handy tutorial from Martha.

Hidden storage:
Maximize your storage potential by utilizing the space under your bed—perfect for stashing seasonal clothes, extra bedding and blankets, and even important papers. Make it easy on yourself and choose storage boxes on wheels for quick access. You’ll use them more.

The family jewels:
There are so many ways to store jewelry and accessories, like a wall hanging system, jewelry boxes, trays, and velvety drawer dividers. The important thing is to choose a system that works for you so that you’ll enjoy maintaining it.

Vanity fair:
A vanity can make getting ready so much more fun, provides a lovely place to store your special items, and doesn’t need to take up a lot of space—like this adorable space-saving combo.

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