Organizing your living room

Your apartment’s living room is working overtime, serving many different purposes - part media room, reading nook, guest salon, home office, and sometimes even dining room - which makes it challenging to keep everything organized, particularly in a smaller space. But, armed with a few handy tips on organizing your living room, you can cut through the clutter and transform the area into a more harmonious and streamlined multi-use space with functional storage and room to breathe.

The first step in organizing your living room starts with editing. Purge excess paperback books, DVDs and CDs, and small décor items that you really don’t need. Also, take note of the different zones your space requires, and then plan to organize your objects so that they suit the activities specific to those areas. The end goal is to create a home for all the objects in your living room so that they’re easy to access, and your space can be tidied with little effort.

Here are some quick and easy tips towards a clutter free living room:

Embrace shelving as a primary vehicle to display décor and contain the clutter in every area of your living room. Try grouping objects by color or concept and leave some breathing room on the shelves to promote a feeling of space and order. You can also place baskets, storage boxes, or magazine filers on shelves that coordinate with your room’s color scheme to give a clean and unified look.

Make a spot for the home office that doesn’t take over the room.
Consider incorporating a floating shelf or collapsible desk on the wall that doubles as a workstation. Or, if you plan to use your dining table as the home office, get a portable basket that can contain and carry your work projects away from the table when it’s dinnertime. Or, better yet, claim a designated storage cubby in your sideboard to house your paperwork.

Use a streamlined media console or cabinet to contain electronics and
CDs / DVDs. Conceal and organize your media in attractive storage boxes, or behind a cabinet door.

Coffee and side tables with a lower shelf and drawers provide an excellent place to put baskets or bins filled with small items you use most often, or tend to misplace—like remotes. Or, corral your trinkets and necessities in a shallow tray and place that on a table to give an orderly designed appearance.

Make use of dead space behind the sofa with a slim-profile console table, cabinet, or trunk for added storage.

Turn an inexpensive console into a chic design piece by covering it with an attractive fabric and storing items underneath.

Add a recycling basket in the room to help eliminate piles of papers that congregate on table surfaces. And, if you live with messy people, consider having a small “lost and found” bin for each person where you can stash wayward personal items. When the bin is full – the owner must relocate the items to their proper place.

Make the most of wireless technology when possible to cut back on cable clutter with lighting, speakers, and entertainment centers. And, of course, make sure you have a universal remote.

Do you have tried and true clutter free living room tips and tricks? Share them below!

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