Planning the Ultimate Fourth of July Party

The ultimate summer holiday, the Fourth of July, is coming up this weekend! (Are we already halfway through the year?!) It’s always a nice long weekend full of great weather (hopefully!), picnics, barbecues, spending time with family and friends, and, of course, fireworks! Don’t have plans yet? We’re here to help! We’ve got plenty of suggestions on how you can plan the ultimate Fourth of July party right at home.

Work with What You Have

If you don’t want to put huge amounts of effort into planning your Fourth of July party (Who does? You want to relax, too!), just start by thinking about what you already have at your disposal. Do you live at a Prometheus property with a pool? That’s a no-brainer! Invite friends over for pool time and a barbecue. Is your deck or common patio a prime spot to watch local fireworks? Have friends and family over later in the evening for dessert and watching fireworks.

Even if you don’t have a deck in your unit or pool at your apartment, there’s still plenty of Fourth of July fun that can be had. Utilize your outdoor common area for a picnic or barbecue, or stay inside and enjoy some appetizers and snacks before heading elsewhere to see fireworks.

Don’t forget patriotic parades! Plenty of neighborhoods have parades that you can attend with a group of friends and family, and if you live close by, you can continue the celebration with an afternoon cookout at home.

Fourth of July Decorating

No party is complete without a theme, and luckily, this theme is already done for you! Stars and stripes? Obviously. Red, white and blue? It’s a must-have. Fourth of July decorating is a breeze, because it can be simple and still look great. Even better, chances are you have plenty of items you can use around your house, and even if you don’t, paper flags, pinwheels, garland and other decorating items can be picked up on the cheap at a dollar or craft store.

Do Some Traveling

If a traditional Fourth of July Party isn’t up your alley, try traveling this year—the extra day off work makes it a great time to get away. There are plenty of options: it can be a trip to another state that you’ve always wanted to visit that’s unrelated to the holiday, or you can plan a trip based on the occasion, such as a visit to Washington, D.C.

There are likely also plenty of cities and towns (within driving distance and further) that are known for their firework display or patriotic parade. Don’t be afraid to go visit them! It’s a unique, fun spin on an otherwise traditional holiday.

Check back tomorrow for easy Fourth of July day recipes!

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