Sesame Street Water Shortage

I am fairly certain that you are aware that California is in critical drought conditions and there is real fear that our reservoirs will be dry in a year.  I am sure you know that we are being asked to reduce our water consumption by 25%.  And you are such a smarty, I am positive that you know that we can only irrigate our landscape two days per week.  Did you know that this is not the first time we have faced a drought?  Did you know that other areas of the country and the world have face drought.  For example, did you know that in 1983 there was a water shortage on Sesame Street? 

I think that this clip is stupendous, especially if you have children (or have someone who acts like a child) to learn about water conservation.  Gov. Jerry Brown has indicated that education on water conservation is critical to surviving the drought.  I am going to keep this entry short, so you have time to get back to Sesame Street.  Please share this episode, and spread the good word about how to manage water during drought.

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