Simple Healthy Meals: Post-Workout Snacks

If you ask us, the best part about a workout is the snack you’ve most definitely earned afterwards. But although we’d love a few Oreos after every workout, it pretty much defeats the purpose of the hour spent sweating it out. The best post-workout snack is always a healthy one, and we’re sharing some simple healthy meals that you should enjoy after a workout.

No matter what simple healthy meals you choose, the best options to refuel are typically high in carbohydrates and protein and low in fat. Here are some of our favorites:

Trail Mix

We love snacking on some trail mix after a workout, mostly because it’s easy to make (or purchase ready to go) and you can eat it on the way home from the gym, on the way to work or wherever you find yourself! Just make sure you’re choosing the right mix: avoid those heavy with M&Ms, yogurt-covered raisins or chocolate pieces.

It’s also key to make sure you’re eating just the right amount: don’t go crazy and eat a few cups worth. With the right, nut-heavy, dried fruit trail mix, a handful or two will suffice to refuel and energize you after a workout.

Apple and Peanut Butter

If you’re looking to limit calories while refueling, an apple with peanut butter (or almond butter – whatever you prefer), is a great option. Use just a tablespoon of your nut butter of choice and spread it on some apple slices for an easy and refreshing treat.

Don’t like peanut or almond butter? Try pairing your apple with some cheese or turkey slices – both packed full of protein.

Greek Yogurt

If you have a second to sit down and relax after your workout, try snacking on this protein powerhouse. Make sure you’re purchasing a plain kind with plenty of protein – you can always add some sweetness later. Add some fresh fruit and granola to incorporate carbohydrates into the snack.

Protein Shake or Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie or protein shake is one of the best, quickest ways to refuel after a long workout. And what tastes better when you’re hot and sweaty than a nice cold drink? Blend together fresh fruit, skim milk or low-fat yogurt, and add a scoop of protein powder if you want. Our favorite recipe includes a handful each of strawberries and pineapple, plus almond milk and a whole banana.

Energy or Granola Bar

Like trail mix, the key to the right energy or granola bar is picking the correct one. Make sure it’s high in protein, average in carbohydrates and low in sugar. And of course, finding one that you like the taste of is critical!

Do you have a favorite post-workout snack? Share below!

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