Small Bites for a Lucky New Year

Traditions, both old and new, are the warm and fuzzy underpinnings of any festive holiday season, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. With an optimistic eye towards a fresh start in 2015, it’s the perfect time to incorporate a few traditional New Year’s dishes into your holiday menu to encourage good fortune. Packed with symbolism and flavor, here are a few foodie ideas from cultures across the globe—perfect for ringing in the New Year with friends and loved ones.

1. Long Noodles. In Asian cultures, eating long noodles signifies longevity—the longer the noodles the better! Try serving an Asian Noodle Salad provided by the lovely minds at PopSugar.

2. Cooked Greens. Resembling the color of money, it’s widely believed in the South and Europe that eating cooked greens -like cabbage, collards, kale, and chard—will help increase your fortune. Try this recipe for “Kickin Collared Greens.”

3. Legumes—including beans, peas, and lentils—are also symbolic of small coins and prosperity. Try serving traditional Southern black-eyed peas  or perhaps an Italian dish of lentils with sausage (Cotechino con Lenticchie) to double your fortune—as pork is yet another symbolic ingredient, representing progress and a year fat with happiness.

4. Donuts, or circular-shaped foods, are commonly enjoyed to represent the idea of coming full-circle.

5. Pomegranates and Grapes.

In Turkey, pomegranates are consumed to invite luck, as their red color and medicinal properties represent life, health and fertility, while the round seeds signify abundance and prosperity. Great in cocktails! Meanwhile, in Spain, 12 grapes are quickly eaten at the stroke of midnight to represent the 12 sweet months to come.

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