Spring (Cleaning) Fever

For many, the transition to daylight savings time often triggers a near-instinctive urge to scrub the floors and participate in the unfathomable tradition we collectively call spring cleaning. If you’ve been hit with a compulsive desire to make things sparkle, you’re probably well on your way toward the end goal. But, if you need a little more inspiration to get your space in spring condition, then keep reading, because it’s time to remove that winter layer from your home and embrace the sunshine with these simple and easy spring cleaning tips & tricks.

First, a few simple things to set the spirit in motion:

1. Try introducing a new houseplant or vase of spring flowers to brighten the vibe of your apartment.

2. Clean your windows and windowsills to maximize the extra sunshine that comes with these longer days.

Then, get down to the nitty gritty:

1. Assess your belongings and pack those winter knick-knacks and clothes away for next year, and make way for spring’s new hues.

2. Approach your overall house cleaning in small doses—try working in manageable 2-3 hour blocks of time—first tackling the rooms that contain the most wintery effects – ie: the front closet with all the winter coats. 

3. Get lean and green:
As Spring Cleaning implies, you’ll be cleaning as you go along, purging the unnecessary objects you’ve accumulated from your space. Out of respect for your home and your health, why not go green and use non-toxic cleaners? Products like Seventh Generation, method, and are widely available at everyday stores, or — with just a few common household ingredients —you can create your own green cleaning products by following this helpful tutorial.

4. Make this a life changing experience
There’s a reason so many people are clamoring about Marie Kondo’s best-selling, cult-status book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Apparently, cleaning can alter your life! Inside, the author not only provides valuable house cleaning tips and tricks, but specifically urges you to review your belongings and ask yourself if each item “sparks joy.” If it does not, she suggests that you thank the object for serving its purpose, and then send it on its way.  Soon, you’ll find yourself surrounded by only the items that resonate positively for you, and you’ll truly have shed that winter weight—both mentally and physically. You just might want to see what all the buzz is about…


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