Staying Fit During the Holidays: Workouts You Can Do in Your Apartment

Remember that time you lost weight during the holidays? Neither do we. In a perfect world, those treats at the office party are calorie-free and imbibing counts as a workout. But because that’s not the case and busy schedules are especially hard to alter during the holidays, how do you keep your waistline trim? Here are some ideas for how to stay fit during the holidays without leaving your apartment.

  • Make workout videos your new best friend. There are endless of exercise videos out there, from yoga to Tae Bo (it’s not trendy anymore, but what a workout!) and a lot of them can be accessed for free or for a very low fee. Lay down your mat and take a quick class in your living room before heading out to holiday events.
  • Build or purchase a CrossFit jumping box. If you’re a CrossFit fanatic but just don’t have time to attend regular classes at this time of year, don’t worry. You can still get part of the fantastic workout at home. You can find dimensions online and build your own jumping box or ask a handy friend to make one for you. Take a few minutes several times a day to do some box jumps.
  • Compete with yourself. Whenever you find yourself with a couple of spare minutes before you have to leave for an event, do some sit-ups. You don’t have to break a sweat, but time your efforts and see how many you can do in a minute or two. Then next time, try to beat your previous record.
  • Get active during commercials. It might feel like when you do have an extra hour you deserve to stretch out on the sofa and catch up on your favorite shows. While that can be true, why not make the most of this time too? Avoid fast-forwarding through commercials, and instead get up and run in place or do jumping jacks in front of the TV until your show comes back on.
  • Give your apartment a thorough cleaning. You probably need to do this before having any guests over anyway, so use this time to get a workout too! Scrub your floors, move your furniture and clean underneath – just keep moving so you keep your heartrate up. You’ll feel tired but accomplished afterward!

For even more ideas on how to stay healthy during the holidays, think outside your apartment. Use the stairs in your building instead of the elevator; even if you live on a lower floor, you can take the stairs to the top and back down a couple of times a day. With a little creativity, you won’t feel so guilty snacking on all the holiday treats this year.

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