Top 5 Tips From Our Awesome Maintenance Teams

Did you know that rice and pasta shouldn’t go in the garbage disposal? Neither did we. That’s why today we’re sharing tips from our maintenance crew that’ll not only blow your socks off, but keep your microwave and electricity humming smoothly.

Or how about the first line of defense if your power goes out? You simply press the red or white button in your electrical outlet. Or how about that no metal (that means no foil too) should ever go into the microwave or any eggs with shells? Check out our top five maintenance tips for apartments:

1. Dishwasher Dilemmas

  • The dishwasher is for dishes only 
  • You can't put dish soap in the dishwasher
  • Use these approved detergents or similar for automatic dishwashers:
    • Cascade Gel Action Packs
    • Finish Gel Packs, Quantum w/Powerball, All in One w/Powerball
    • Sunlight Gel with Oxy Action
    • Electrasol 2 in 1 Power Gel

2. Disposal Disasters

  • • Disposal Friendly:
    • Fruits without seeds or pits
    • Vegetables
    • Meat-small chunks-NO Bones
    • Breads
    • Processed Foods
  • Not So Disposal Friendly:
    • Rice or Pasta
    • Grease (Liquefied)
    • Coffee Grounds
    • Animal Bones
    • Fibrous Plants/Foods

If items do ever get stuck in the garbage disposal, remove the items and then press the “reset” button on the bottom of the garbage disposal.

3. Microwave Mayhem
Save you (and your microwave) some grief and remember these tips:

  • Don’t put any metal in the microwave (if the rack in your microwave is metal, that’s an exception)
  • Use plastic wrap instead of foil
  • Don’t cook eggs in their shells
  • Poke holes in potatoes
  • Open lids carefully to let steam out

4. Electrical Excitement
What is the first line of defense if your power goes out? Press the red or white button in your electrical outlet. And also remember:

  • Turn off lights and appliances you're not using to save money and energy
  • Don't overload your outlets with too many plugged-in electrical devices

5. Toilet Troubles
Our maintenance crew says these are some of the most common problems:

  • Kitty litter (even if the packaging says it is OK) can cause clogging and should not go in toilets
  • Turn off the water valve (behind the toilet) if it is leaking or if you need to work on the toilet
  • Toilet paper is the only paper product safe for toilets. No paper towels or napkins are allowed

We hope these tips help you enjoy a happy, safe holiday season. Stay tuned for more maintenance tips in the new year!

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