Valentine’s Day- DIY Decor

Perhaps you’re gearing up to host a Valentine’s dinner at your apartment, or maybe you just really enjoy the holiday and like to spread the message of love around your apartment to make you feel warm and fuzzy.  Whatever your motivation, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to come from a store, or even a chocolate box. In fact, some of the sweetest home décor ideas we’ve seen are from the DIY set. Are you ready to try?

1. The heart-shaped wine corkboard
This is a great way to showcase the memories you’ve shared with loved ones over many bottles of wine. Assuming you’ve saved a many of your wine corks (about   50 of them!) then you’re half way there. All you need is some hot glue, a bit of cardboard, and an Exacto-knife.  Trace a heart shape onto your cardboard and cut it with your knife. Then, hotglue the corks onto the board in a heart shape. You can also color the tips of the corks with a bit of red paint, or leave them in their natural wine-stained color. Voila!

2. Candy-based arrangements
You can literally bring the sweetness of Valentine’s Day to your décor by incorporating candy into your design. Try filling some lovely apothecary jars with a variety of heart-shaped candies and treats and set on your mantle. Or, fill a large vase with pink and red candies (think Red Hots or Hot Tamales), then insert a smaller vase filled with flowers into the center of the candy vase. Arrange the red candy along the sides of the outer glass so that it appears that your vase is filled with candy.

3. Nestled Paper Hearts garland
Cut red and pink paper lengthwise into 1” strips. Staple 9 strips together by using just one staple at the bottom of one side of the length.  Then, arch each of the outer 4 strips inward toward the very middle strip  -- creating 4 distinct heart shapes nestled in ascending size --and glue these strips to the middle strip. (You may cut any excess length off the shorter arch strips as needed.) String several hearts together with a ribbon to make a sweet, decorative garland.

4. Romantic table décor
Spread the love with a sprinkling of votives and loose red flower petals across your dinner table for a soft, natural touch. Or, literally express your amore with a few key words spelled out in a Scrabble set.

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