Vintage Barware Within Reach

While you’re stocking your home bar for the season, it might be time to inspect the barware you have on hand.  Will your guests request a French 75, a Sazerac, or a Sidecar?  It’s quite possible. But, as our demand for craft-cocktails continues to evolve, our barware may be sadly out of date… Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade?

Of course, it’s hard not to notice the retro cocktail glasses gracing the palms of sipping patrons at upscale bars everywhere, as mixologists shy away from the oversized, wide-rim martini glass in favor of the understated elegance of vintage barware, like coupes, Manhattans, and smaller martini glasses. But where can you get your hands on some for your apartment?

Here’s a shortlist of a few purveyors suggested by Bay Area bar owners that are selling hip barware to the public, and at affordable prices:

The Boston Shaker 

Libbey Glassware 

Cocktail Kingdom 

Or, if you’re searching for a truly vintage find, there are several sets of retro cocktail glasses being offered on eBay.

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