Less corporate, more housing

Prometheus makes finding the perfect place for just about anyone to kick up their feet and relax better, easier and faster. It also doesn’t hurt that we have award winning properties and Property Management Company of the Year cred (four years in a row). It’s less corporate and more housing, less about business and more about making a new apartment home. Email us to learn more!

7 Local Properties, 840 Units, 1 Price Plan

Choosing a new home for your employees shouldn’t be a numbers game. In fact, it shouldn’t be a game at all. We have one simple, centralized pricing plan covering all properties in a given area. Now you can concentrate on location and amenities, not nickels and dimes.

Stay awhile or just pop by.

We leave the guilt trips about quick visits to mom. Our flexible terms offer leases as short as just a month. No matter how brief or long the stay, we can help. But be forewarned, these aren’t your run of the mill apartments. So when that lease comes up, your employees might be rethinking their exit strategy.

1 Unit to 1,000, all in one place.

Looking for a single unit for a quick visit? We can handle that. What about a block of apartments for 20 different employees with 20 different schedules? We’ve got that covered too. You can book as many, or as few, units as you need, all with customized terms, all at once. Somebody’s afternoon just cleared up.

Location, location…you know the rest.

We are where you are. With multiple properties in major metro areas up and down the west coast, you can pretty much count on finding a place that’s close to work and close to everything else needed to make it home. Wherever you’re located, we’re just a quick walk, bike ride, train trip or rickshaw jaunt away.

Four legged roommates welcome.

When it comes to pets, Prometheus champions an all-inclusive Friends With Paws Program (FWPP). No weight limits, height restrictions, or discriminating “Best in Show” hoops and hurdles apply. Because home just isn’t home without man’s best friend.

The closest you’ll get to a butler.

Order a newspaper, submit a work order, connect utilities, even pay your rent. All online. Plus, many properties offer concierge and housekeeping service to make life that much more hassle free.